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10 November 2011


We are now a week back to training and I'm psyched. Today was my first recovery day and with the fitness a little lower than last remembered I needed it! In fact it was perhaps one of the slowest rides I've ever done I think. I enjoyed my off season this year more than most, it was nice to enjoy a mix of weather to participate in some different activities, alongside some couch time that according to the coach I need to get better at. In fact my off season went 5 days longer than planned that were mandated no physical activity time as I had been previously been doing too much. So instead I picked up my old six stringed friend and tried to get reacquainted. My fingertips are still sore.

So to say I'm motivated to be back training again is an understatement. It's no secret that I want to be racing with a UCI Pro Team again. To make the step up this year and then have it end wasn't easy to deal with, but I've come to quickly realize that there are things that are in my control and things that are not. The things that are not in my control are never worth worrying about. The one thing that stands above all that is in my control is to arrive at the start of the 2012 season with the best form I have ever had. That one thing is clear in my mind and it provides an excellent amount of endless drive to get the most out of my days. In meeting with coach Ben we both agreed that 2011 was a step forward physically (I improved all my peak power wattage's from 2010), but perhaps was not a career improving year. 2012 I plan to change that.

As we embark on another adventure forward, thanks to all those in my corner. Onwards and upwards.

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