Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road



Date Of Birth: 12th March

Height: 178cm 

Weight: 65kg 

Hometown: Ferny Creek, Australia 

Current City: Lakewood, Colorado USA 

Coach: Ben Day 

Team: Horizon Organic/Panache Cycling

History: I began my racing career at the age of 14 as a cross country mountain biker and continued racing off-road for 9 years, enjoying success on national and international levels, including Junior National Team Selection and podium finishes at both the 2006 U23 Oceania XC Championships and Australian Pro STXC Championships. In 2007, I accepted an invitation for a guest ride with the South Team based in Europe to compete in the L’hexagonal Off Road Tour de France. During this time a three-week altitude road camp in the mountains of Italy sparked a desire to leave the dirt behind and focus solely on the road in 2008. From 2008 to 2010 I based myself in the front range of Colorado, racing both locally and nationally on the NRC circuit.  In 2011 I raced professionally with the V Australia Pro Cycling Team. For 2012 and this current upcoming season I will be lining up in the oh so stylish threads of the Horizon Organic/Panache Cycling Team.