Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


19 October 2011

Travelling Man

And just like that I am back home in Colorado.  It was a short week after Tasmania, and with a chance to get on a flight to the US only a handful of days later I gladly took the opportunity.  Coming home to Kat after 10 weeks away racing was something I was madly looking forward to.  Heading off again is always difficult, and I know I can never catch up with everyone before jumping on a plane so apologies to those I missed.  Like I say to everyone...see you soon.  In this game you never know what is around the corner and where you will be next.

 First hike for the off season.


the bro said...

is that white sox and black hike boots there steinfield?

Chris Winn said...

yes, yes it is! who am i going to offend...the rattlesnakes?

Kat said...

Forget about the socks, you should have seen his hair yesterday.

Chris Winn said...

hehe love you both!