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19 October 2011

Challenges We Seek: 2012.

Sometimes things just don't shake out the way you want them to, and for next season I won't be out there in V Australia colors. With a downsizing to the program I wasn't resigned. Simple, quick and the harsh reality of the situation. A big thanks all involved in the program and of course my awesome team mates for all the adventures both off and on two wheels.

Nevertheless my passion and commitment for this sport and the pursuit of my goals remain true, and I am hoping that (perhaps even from those reading this site?) some answers are around the corner. Currently I still have no team and will continue the hunt. I've truly learned a great deal this year, especially just how brutally tough yet beautiful this sport can be. Whatever shakes out, in 2012 my legs will still be turning circles and numbers will still be pinned. Thanks y'all...

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