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02 June 2011

Turn Up The Sun.

Well folks, May has been quite the slow month and I'm quite happy to now put it behind me!  With thanks to that (not so) brilliant decision by the UCI on banning registered professionals from non-sanctioned races, the days of pinning on paper numbers have been very few.  Post training camp Kat and I headed up to Aspen for a USAC Criterium (7th), but with no other team races going on for me that was the only race day notch on the belt for the whole month.  That doesn't mean to say however I have been holed up in the corner with a Game Boy and eating Doritos for thirty odd days.  No sir, there has been plenty of training done, in fact today was the 25th day in a row of throwing a leg over.  I don't normally talk about my training (mainly in fear of boring the pants off you all), but yesterday's outing was a real treat, 6hrs in the mountains up over High Grade and Sqauw Pass to Echo Lake (10,500ft) totaling over 4100kj burnt or about four Chipotle burritos worth. After the crappy Spring weather we've had, the sun has finally reared it's big yellow head, not to mentioned bringing some warmth to boot.  Finally I say!

Looking ahead to this month there is plenty to be excited about on the competitive front, with a return to racing as of next week with Tulsa Tough.  I have found memories of this race, being one I attended in my first year racing road in the US.  In fact I recall getting beat up by the mighty Toyota-United squad and rubbing elbows against my now DS Henk Vogels and fellow team mate Sean 'Dino' Sullivan.  The week after Tulsa will see a return to the race that I hold dear to my heart (!), being the Nature Valley Grand Prix.  It's not an official team race for the V Australia lads, but with a gap in my schedule I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a crack out there again at such a great event.  To round out June will be a new one for me, the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix.  With so many great sprinters on our team I am super excited for this one to try and get one of the lads up for the win.

 I now have tapped into the supply of Milo over here.  89c a can they can be found in the Mexican section of most sup.....oh wait.  I have no idea where to get it actually!

Top of St Vrain last week in Boulder.  Yeah it was that cold.

Colorado bike rack.  For a limited time only.


Mark Hatherly said...

I'm so glad to see you are doing NVGP again! We will see you there.

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Mark, hope things are well and we will see you in just a few weeks time! Hopefully no tornadoes this year eh!