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11 June 2011

Tulsa Tough Day One.

What can I say.  It was a crazy, crazy night of madness but in the wash up Team V Australia came home with the goods taking out the win thanks to JC.  It was a hot and muggy night in down town Tulsa and warming up I slowly started to realize just how hectic this night circuit can be, and to make matters more interesting it hosed down rain 15min before the start.  From the gun it was quite simply a crash fest.  Almost every lap guys were hitting the deck in all corners of the course and I was trying to ride as safe as I could knowing that we had two of the best sprinters in the field that would need looking after in the final 10 laps or so.  With dangerous breaks starting to form my job turned to sitting on the front and not let things slip away, but with pretty crappy legs I'll admit I don't know how effective I was!  Nonetheless with 4 laps to go it all went pear shaped.  Coming into the start/finish all of a sudden there was a crash in front of me and soon enough I plowed straight into it and went straight over the bars.  Not fun.  Getting up i was a little dazed, but luckily escaped with a few minor cuts and ripped the cleat outta my shoe.  Could have been much worse, but I was most pissed that I wasn't able to finish the race and help JC or BK in the finish.  In the end Sully did an awesome job to bring JC up into position and he was able to win the sprint.  As per usual finishing the race at almost 11pm and fueled by caffeine and post race adrenaline it was a late night before hitting the head on the pillow.

You can check out some cool photos here and another take on the nights racing here.

Race two is tonight and should be another ripper.  Lets hope it's a little safer but we still come out with the same result!

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