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29 December 2010

Resuming Transmission And Flying High For Twenty Eleven.

I won't lie, it's been a whirlwind over the past few weeks.  Leaving Colorado, landing back home in Oz for the first time in 20 months and of course the craziness of Christmas seemed to compress the 24hr days into around 10.  Combine this with season twenty eleven preparations this site has been a little neglected, so sorry to those checking in frustration over the past few weeks and thank you to those who have stuck around!  So since Santa has come and gone, and we are days out from a New Year, I think it's high time to announce my colours for next year.  I am very excited to announce that for 2011 I have signed with Fly V Australia.  The team has no doubt been a force in the US and Asia over the last few years I am I super pumped to be a part of this awesome project.  Big shoes to fill when joining the number one NRC team for 2010 and highly motivating to continue the trend as next year approaches.

So it's been great ripping around the old training loops over the past couple of weeks.  Rain or no rain it's been relatively warm compared to when I left Colorado.  In fact it's pretty amazing just to see how green everything is right now!  Word is the 14 year drought has broken, and the dams are filling up so it's great new on all fronts.  The fitness is slowly building and next week will be a nice little test lining up for the National Critierium and Road Race Championships up in Ballarat.  Other than that I am missing Kat like crazy right now, especially when tomorrow is her birthday! Happy Birthday!

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