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13 November 2010

Saved By The Claw!

Fall/winter has hit and it's funny how the body and mind quickly adapt.  The daylight savings time change hit last weekend and the first flakes of white stuff fell during the week along with the mercury.  I'll admit it, those first couple of days were a slap in the face with a cold trout, but I've got a secret weapon this year in the form of a  neat piece of clothing modeled after a crustacean appendage.  Yes folks, lobster gloves!  For those not familiar, your talking about a bastard hybrid between a standard five fingered glove and a mitten.  Thumb and first finger separate, but the rest of the digits all mashed together in one pocket of warmth.  See diagram A below for an example.

 Diagram A

Thanks fellas!

So the training days have gotten a little brighter this week with my new items, and today I rolled out in sub zero temps whilst pretty comfortable.  The only downside to the style is that the dexterity is horrible.  So any food consumption has to be done sans gloves......and quickly I might add otherwise it's bye bye pinky!  Other than that it's all systems go for 2011 and I just found out this week I get to keep riding on riding Bont shoes next year which is super rad...nothing like happy feet!

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Green said...

thats gold mate, not sure the claw will be needed down here, finally hit the hot times this weekend. tan lines are on their way...