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06 November 2010

Home On The Horizon

After almost 2 years running a muck here in the US, I've scheduled to land back in Oz in mid December before the 2011 year of bicycle madness begins.  Hopefully, they'll let me back in (you just have to answer a correct question about cricket right?) and I am super looking forward to returning to the old stomping grounds known as the mighty Nongs.  Not quite as high as the peaks over here in Colorado, but what it lacks in height is sure makes up for in antique shops.

So many questions fly around my head about returning home, such as will the burnout marks that Treva did a few years back on One Tree Hill Road still be there?  Has Chipotle arrived or do I need to stock up a few fat boys in the suitcase?  Is Kerry Kulkens mystic fortune telling buisness still operating in Belgrave?  Well I suppose at least she would already know the answer to that one!  So alongside catching back up with the family and friends, the other main aim of coming home is to put some decent km's in the legs before the season starts.  Kinda tough to do when it's 5 below and snowing here but back home in the Aussie sun....I like the sound of that!

First week back training has gone well so far - day off today so I'm not complaining!  Was able to catch up with my buddy Lucas during the week while he was in town for a bit.  Like myself he was back in the tight stuff this week so it was good to both start off on the same foot.  Oh and as for you all waiting for the announcement of which colours I will be representing next year....hopefully the press release will surface soon.  I don't want to steal anyone's thunder by announcing it here first, but hopefully next week it will come out on c-news or the like.  To keep everyone on their toes, lets just say they are NOT a USA registered squad, but do the majority of their racing here.....

I'll finish my post with this.  Cause Thom Yorke and Radiohead are bloody brilliant and thats that!


Anonymous said...

Are you flying home with Fly V??? ;-)

Chris Winn said...

Perhaps perhaps.......!