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31 October 2010

Time To Get Back To Buisness

Time flies but tomorrow it's back to training again for the 2011 season.  After a good four weeks of very little lycra clad action I'm looking forward to getting in shape again.  As much as I enjoy racing, I equally enjoy the task of preparing yourself to be super fit and seeing how far you can push things.  Even more so this season, from the fact I will get to do everything properly without having to juggle a handful of other jobs to keep things afloat.  In some ways I don't think I will necessarily train a whole bunch more,  but where I feel the biggest difference will be made is recovery.  We will see, but I'm damn looking forward to days where I can actually sit down and enjoy my post training lunch, not wolf things down in the space of 5mins and then commute to work!

Speaking of training, I am excited to start working this year with Ben Day as my new coach.  I feel that his methodology and approach is exactly what I need going into my first year pro, and with a wealth of racing experience behind him it's a perfect fit.  Other than that not a great deal going on....Halloween here and not many trick or treater's so far which means extra training food for me!


Anonymous said...

we're still waiting on the announcement cw????? i'm gonna have to hassle roy if you don't tell us soon...... i'm guessing it's ...... hmmm ....better not put anything here............ but i'm itching to know which team???????????????? roz

Chris Winn said...

Haha...I know! I'm just trying to do the right thing and not steal any press officers thunder! Okay, here's a clue...they are not a USA registered team but do the majority of racing here. The overseeing management group is actually running four different programs next year!