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23 October 2010

Twenty Eleven

I set out for two goals this year.  One was the green jersey at NVGP.  Ticked that box in June.  My second goal was to sign for a professional team in 2011.  With an unbelievable amount of energy and excitement I can say that as of last week I have now ticked that box too.  After so many years of banging my head against the wall as an amateur, 2011 will see me step in the ranks as a first year professional.  Needless to say I am super, super stoked at this new opportunity which will see me for the first time focus on cycling 100%.  It has been a commitment and a journey that has taken quite some time.  Years.  And spanned the globe really too, and I'm just damn chuffed that I've been able to work towards a dream and achieve it and I can't wait for the adventures ahead.  Well who am I riding for you ask!  And the answer to that question will come out in time when the official press release surfaces, but let me just say that it is the very best scenario I could have hoped for and I can't be more happier!

Looking back on this year I have to extend a HUGE amount of thanks and gratitude to both Pat and Scott from the Rio Grande program.  Their support and friendship has been nothing short of amazing and I feel very lucky to have been a part of such a great team this year.  Next year the future is looking even brighter for the burrito boys and I wish them all the best of luck.

So stay tuned for more news ahead, but things are getting exciting folks!  Thanks for


Grover said...

cam let that one out of the bag a couple of weeks back. boy was it hard not to tell everyone in sight. congrats, couldn't really be more perfect!

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Grove.....catch ya soon

GREEN said...

Take it easy with the name dropping there grover, the way i remember, it was a chance meeting where you presumed it was chris we may or may not have been talking about.... sorry roy..
as you for grover, catch ya soon ya big wheeled bandit!