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30 August 2010

Dirt Is The New Tarmac.

With the road season winding down it's been a smooth transition to leave the road rig in the garage in favor of the dirt hog when it's time to put on the tight stuff.  Coming back home from Utah it was a nice surprise to still have Perry Winkle and Papa in town, so we hooked up a day on the dirt along with Trev for a jaunt out at White Ranch.  New trails for me and it was pretty fun to try and get the sensations back of pinning a downhill or flowing together some corners with a little drift.  To be real honest with myself I have lost a great deal of skill on the mtb since switching to road.  Things that I wouldn't blink at in the past now prove much more of a challenge, and at one point I watched Perry nail this line which I thought was unride-able for anyone on a bike.  True he was on a new Yeti 5C, which looked like it could pretty much destroy everything in it's path, but nonetheless just another example how I've lost touch a little with whats what in the dirt world.  Time to get it back in the loop I say! 

The time during Rowney's stay, this simple wobble board provided much amusement and fasanation from the big man....espeically with a couple under the belt.  Rumor was he got up at 6am...straight on the board sans breakfast....the hard man lives on....

 I know his two best buddies miss him very much....

Henry however has learned a few habits off the boy from Botany though.

While clearing out the Flip camera I came across this little with Utah being his final race, Garcia can now focus on those WWE saw it first here folks!

 This is me doing real life chores around the house instead of riding my bicycle.....strange isn't it!

A big thank you goes to Kat's parents who framed my jersey......awesome!

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