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25 August 2010

Tour of Utah.

photo credit - podium insight

Where do I start.  Epic race, epic race for sure.  Motivation was high for this one, being the last NRC for the year and the team was bolstered big time with guest rider and GC leader Pat McCarty suiting up in the red and black alongside JD as a solid second weapon.  Field was a riot at 140 guys deep and with the likes of Levi in there plus a smattering of BMC riders including one 'Big George' in attendance it was going to be a real barrel of monkeys.  


Photo thanks to Bill who was out there in support...thanks mate!


From day one it was game on and never let up the whole week.  All they guys gave it everything they had each day, and we were pumped to put McCarty in 6th overall at the end of the week.  Highlights included the what will be now know as the 'harder than shit Park City Critierium' where you can see from the above photo I am bleeding out my nostrils just trying to hang on.  Never done that before.  I don't think I've ever suffered that much just to finish in 36th, but then again with over 30 people getting time cut I'll take it for sure.  You know I've had a lot of people ask me since I've been back 'was it really that hard......what do you mean guys got time cut, it's just a crit couldn't you just sit in?'.  Answer simply is.....hell no.  With 120ft of climbing per 1.6km lap there was no where to hide and when you throw in an elevation of 7000ft where the air is oh so scarce then you have a recipe for torture.  One of those cool experiences where you are hanging on by a thread for longer than you thought was possible.  Just one more lap....just one more lap....

photo credit - podium insight
The TT once again was held at the Motorsports track which was pretty darn cool.  The whole course is virtually flat as a pancake, skirting around the outside and finishing on the circuit itself.  Once again my TT pretty much stank and remains a real area that needs attention this off season.  I suppose on a positive note I improved from last year time which was a good thing, but still need to keep pushing forward in this discipline.  The funny thing is I actually like it doing them....which may be half the problem right there!


So with Utah done and September tickling around the corner, the question is....whats next?  That's a good question and to be honest there a few different options on the cards as we start to come towards the wee twilight hours of season 2010.  At this point in time it looks like I won't be returning to Univest for another shot, but Steamboat Stage Race looks probably a go over labor day weekend.  As of right now though I'm keen to tear up some single track, do some skids and go where ever the trails may take


Anonymous said...

hey there Chris,
well done in utah.... these photos are spectacular.
have fun on those trails, do you still remember how to ride the dirt???????????? cheeky, i know.... had to though!!!
will we see you in the near future?

Chris Winn said...

Hi Roz!

Thanks for dropping me a note...most of those photos were internet specials so full credit goes to those behind the lenses!

Good to be back on the dirt now that the road season is winding bark off yet but getting close!

Hopefully home sometime over summer....we shall see!