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06 September 2010

Gone Fishin'

I used to love going fishing when I was younger.  I wasn't too crash hot at it, or had major success hauling in massive marlin or anything wild like that.  But I still remember the first fish I ever caught, a small puffer fish off the pier with a hand line.  Pretty exciting stuff at the time as I recall, finally bagging one after being patient from multiple attempts.  Right now it's September and I'm doing plenty of fishing of a different kind, namely the silly season search of finding a contract for next year.  So far it's safe to say I have had a few nibbles but nothing on the hook as of yet.  I guess just like fishing I have to be somewhat patient, and I'm trying to draw on that particular trait right now which is tough when all that I want is a fish hooked on the end of the line!  We shall see, but I guess the underlying positive is that the results this year have been more consistent and progressive than the last, so an overall improvement is a good thing.

With Steamboat never eventuating, more and more time has been spent on the mountain bike exploring new trails with the coach.  The funny thing is I bring my camera most trips, but every time am enjoying railing the singletrack too much to stop and whip it out.  One of these trips I better cause there is some amazing trails in Colorado for sure!  Most of it is dry, loose, rocky stuff which is quite different to the wet roots and mud of the Nongs, but nonetheless a hoot to slide around on.  Will be back to some local tarmac racing this week to end the season with - the month long Bear Creek TT Series.  Being only a few miles ride from home it's a pretty easy way to practice TTin' and a nice way to keep some fitness rolling before having a true off season break away from the bike....although with all this mtbing I don't see that happening any time soon!

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