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08 July 2010

Patience And The Reboot.

Last post the intention was to get back to work and start pedaling with purpose again.  We'll a week went by and it's funny how things can change.  Quite simply the mind was ready, but the body wasn't.  Despite the weather turning it on here in Colorado I still felt like I was dragging a sack of potatoes around so it was back to fluffing it around and getting to know a few more coffee shops for the rest of the week.  Actually the little more time off the saddle worked out well, being able to help finish a massive landscape project on the front yard and generally doing all those house work chores that become second to the racing and training roller coaster.
 Legs last week.

Fast forward to today and we are back on deck no problem.  Spent 4.5hrs out in the rain with the Duck and Meatball Friedman and had a grand old time out there.  It sure is a nice feeling to be able to hit training targets again and feel back in the groove.

Legs this week.

This week I also had an early start for a photo shoot with Mark Woolcott.  I first met Mark midway through the Hugo RR where his car became my savior after a mid race mechanical and he asked me to be the next feature on his blog website.  So we spent a sunrise at Bear Creek Park and took a few happy snaps.  Actually, the ones I have seen look brilliant, and Mark clearly has a talent for what he does.  So stay tuned and hopefully I can put up a link here soon.  Speaking of press, I'll soon be speaking to Podium Insight for a story there too, so watch for that one also.

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