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30 June 2010

Back To It Soldier.

The mid season break is over and it's back to training and all things cycle related for the last half of the season.  Taking some time out after Nature Valley was perfect.  It was a long time mentally and physically preparing for that race and that takes it's toll on the body.  So my week consisted pretty much of getting back into the swing of things with work after 3 weeks on the road and also spending some time in the social scene.  Kat and I headed up to Boulder to check out the opening of 'Chasing Legends" at the Boulder Theater.  For those of you who haven''t heard of this flick before, check out the trailer below.  It was filmed by the same guys who did "Off Road to Athens" which is simply one of the most awesom-est mountain bike movie / documentary off all time.  Plus the soundtrack is rad too.  So anyway, Chasing Legends got two thumbs up in my book.  Two thumbs down went to the lack of air conditioning in the Boulder Theater which I should rename the sweat box.  Luckily ice cream followed soon after....ahhh the joys of a mid season break!

Next stop was a wedding for our friends Bobby and Kate.  Held downtown in City Park the weather was a little rough but it didn't dampen the occasion at all.  The post ceremony festivities were equally as rocking.

So it's back to it this week and the weather has turned it on big time.  Finally!  Next stop on this adventure will be Cascade Classic starting July 20th and a new one for me.


Daryl said...

Hey Chris,
Thrilled to hear how great your season is going. Will miss you during Superweek. Was looking at the July issue of Triathlete magazine and saw a picture of CAM!!!!!...check it 70!!
Good luck for the rest of the summer. We are all cheering for you! Daryl & family

Chris Winn said...

Hi Daryl,

Thanks for dropping me a note mate, great to hear from you! Kat and I are bummed that we will be missing you guys this year! I'll have to check out the magazine, I have NO IDEA how he made it in there...but perhaps the start of a career change!

All the best to you and the family.