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02 October 2009

When Somethings Dark, Let Me Shed A Little Light On It.

Most of the time I can never really think of titles for updates these days, so i figure I will make life easy on myself and start a new trend. I'll put a line from the whatever random musical tune I am listening to at the time of writing. May make absolutely no sense but fills the box in my world. Good good. So the weekend has gone rather quickly with yesterday and today spent mostly in the yard. Yes my friends it's that part of the year where the whole "can't do any major yard work cause I gotta race tmw/this weekend/this month" excuse doesn't hold up. Actually, it's been pretty cool to finally put the shovel in the dirt and start projects. Needless to say my skinny little bike racer arms protested pretty hard, but it wasn't too long before all those digging skills from the Eva makeover and various locations back home came flooding back.

Rocks come out...

Mulch goes in...


Sounds pretty straight forward but the curbside bed was layered like a sponge cake where the previous owners have put weed matting, on top of mulch, on top of rocks and dirt over the years. We have a few things we want to do with the front yard so hopefully over the next few weeks things take shape.

And we played some basketball...hilarious.

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