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07 October 2009

A Touch Of Frost.

Heading to Moab this weekend for some camping. Oh and some dirt biking.....okay plenty of dirt biking! I'm pretty excited to get outta town and head to a such a famous mtb mecca. Although I'm not sure this style of rig is allowed and would handle that great in the singletrack.

Well Denver is starting to cool down pretty quickly over the last week. Solid frost on the car the other morning and the scooter a couple of times needed to be switched to manual kick-start to fire up. As for me I'm looking forward to the change ahead, especially getting some major quality suffering outta the compu-trainer studio at work. Riding those things is a super concentrated workout with nowhere to hide...well especially when you don't go anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Nice cart!

Anonymous said...

That is sweet.

Kat said...

Nice brown cloud over Denver that morning. Good for the lungs for sure.

Chris Winn said...

shhhh..its a ring of frost ok!