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30 September 2009

Down Time Into The Super Unknown.

I figure its the off-season so I should post stuff up here more often having much less chamois time and all. So the day has started off very well after I remembered that the new PJ cd comes with two free concert downloads that I am enjoying the first of right now. Yes kids, its a downright bargain of musical goodness. And a brilliant coffee from the shop machine downstairs has also perked things up some. Speaking of perks I think one of the coolest things of my job environment here is the fact I work in a room with a sweet surround sound system. And as a music enthusiast of sorts this pleases me no end. I recall back to my first ever job scrubbing dishes and I was the complete music police officer of the kitchen, bringing in new cd's each shift and if needed my whole stereo at times. Yep, I was that guy. So on another note it looks like I will be facing my first winter in three years. Yes I have been one of those lucky bastards that has travelled from summer to summer in the past, but with work commitments here and other happenings in CO im excited for a little change and a new challenge. Seriously though, I think that perhaps after running the same formula for the past few years training wise, this could be a great new stimulus being in a totally different environment that it might make 2010 even bigger than 2009. Ah the excitement of the unknown, I love it. Speaking of next year and racing, there are a few potential exciting plans in the works at the moment and I think the winds of change are a blowing. Only time will tell where that will be. So down-time right now is good. I haven't really touched my bike with any intent of late, apart from the local TT series I am doing each week for a little more time in the aero position which coming from a mtb background I lack big time. Sure those hurt (like hell), but they have been a nice little personal challenge each week. One other cool option I have to play with is a little gig over here called cyclocross. By little I mean large, super large. Like 100 starters in a local category three race last weekend. Dang. To be honest I'll have a little dig sometime in a month or so and already lined up a bike I can use, but right now I am still pretty fried from a long road season.

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