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01 July 2009

Finding My Feet Again.

Yes they are still at the end of my legs. But in a metaphorical sense it's been a bumpy last couple of weeks coming off Nature Valley and trying to recover but not feeling that great. I guess it makes sense after a solid amount of traveling and racing for the first half of the season. So I ended up missing Winghaven after feeling like mouldy socks, and I'm going to pass on Tour of Lawrence this weekend too. Sometimes you just have to be patient and let the body catch up to where it needs to frustrating as it can be. The next focus will be a solid three week block, heading to Boise for the twilight crit, Cascade Classic and then onto Elk Grove while the rest of the team stays on for Nationals. Sounds pretty good to me....

Hit the dirt up yesterday with the bro which was a blast. Gave the Anthem a solid workout on some pretty techo trails....shame I left my brain at home..almost had a big off which would have easily resulted in some broken bones!

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Anonymous said...

winny green the thrillseeker -
great camera action !
great techo moves !