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26 June 2009

Spring Into Action.

Down here in the Springs at the moment working with the Rocky Mtn USAC Junior Devo Camp. Weather has been great and the riding even better, getting to revisit some places that haven't seen since the bro and I landed here in 2007. Feeling fresh and motivated after a nice mid-season break last week post Nature Valley. That race sure zapped a bunch of mental and physical energy outta the tank and it was nice to slot in a little break after racing since 1st Jan. So its been a good introduction back on the bike with the juniors, although participating in the TT efforts they need to do has been a little painful....perks of the job I suppose....

Good to read the other day the BMC have finally been allowed to enter some NRC stuff for the rest of the season here. I know Garcia was understandably bummed out not knowing what was coming up on the schedule, so it will be rad to race those guys out at Cascade next month. So that's the next big objective for me and the motivator right now, and I'm looking forward to a solid block of training over the next week in preparation. Feels like the first time in awhile I wont be bouncing from race to race with a bunch of car miles in between. Ok, I'm out, my laundry is done and then it's back to the lecture hall for the

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