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21 February 2009

Tickets To The Show.

Propagandhi to be exact, tmw night in Melbourne town. To be honest I'm not sure if a high percentage of blog followers would know who these guys are...then again I could be surprised. Canadians by nationality, these guys were first introduced to me back when I was playing in a band at high school. A true punk rocker took us under his wing and gave our ears a shake up, spinning us new punk and hardcore bands each week at practice. Propagandhi stuck a chord with me instantly. I always despised the sickly sweet radio 'pop punk' at the time that was Blink 182, Green Day etc with too many lame 'boy meets girl songs' and four chord wonder songs. So when I heard the highly political and real life human rights issues put forth in the lyrics from these guys it was breath of fresh air. And in terms of their beliefs and views on modern society the band is not afraid to exactly say what they mean. But the main thing I like about this band is they sound just great. Soaring vocals over insanely complicated yet melodical riffs played with malice and great precision, their records have progressively gotten better. It's just a shame that they literally release just one every four years or so. Seriously. And don't even ask about their touring schedule. So the new record comes out next month and they have made the trek down under....nice. I just hope my skinny little bike racer frame doesn't get broken in half at a hardcore show! cw.

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