Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


22 February 2009

Fast And Loud From Canada.

"Thanks for coming out and supporting 38 year olds who still dress like 18 year olds"

Propagandhi last night at the Corner were awesome! Damn those guys can play. And sound great. Set included a good mix from all records including some from the new album landing next month. Although Chris stated he was having voice issues, it didn't seem to have an affect on his performance. Even still, some lucky punters got invited up to sing and collectively run around like madmen on stage. Between song banter was kept to a minimum from otherwise reports at shows earlier in their career, although Chris seemed to have a genuine fondness for watching 'Border Security' while here. Overall it was a real treat just to see these guys play live...and in Australia! Here's a little sample.....

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