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20 February 2009

Plan and Execute.

So in my last post a hinted at some big news for some upcoming plans. And after months of getting organized and making things happen, I finally got given the green light this week. This year will see me return to the US once again to keep pursing my cycling goals as set from day one. But this time I will have far greater flexibility and sustainability to do so. I am happy to announce I will be joining Peak to Peak Training Systems in Denver as new cycling coach, and therefore allowing me to work and stay in Colorado for much longer. Obviously I am very excited about this new development, and also the future ahead. Thanks to everyone who has helped in making this happen, and especially Jon at P2P for giving me this great opportunity! cw


Mak said...

hey mate awesome news. All the best for the coming adventures1

Chris Winn said...

Thanks Mak, looks like you had some good adventures in Canada on the skis yourself! Keep tearing up the 29er champ!