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17 February 2009

Almost At The End To Start A New Beginning.

Unless you have had your head in the cycling sand (is that cyclocross?) the ATOC is rocking along at the moment and has been rad so far. The weather looks like it hasn't been that crash hot, with Levi's quote of "like spending four hours standing under a cold shower" from yesterday's stage summing things up nicely. I must say V-News is kicking C-News butt for the best coverage! Levi looks the goods so far but there is still plenty or racing to come....the Solvang TT will be huge.

Today was a big day. Very big day that will shape whats to come for me over the next while. Just waiting on confirmation of plans that have been in the works since day one of arriving back in Oz at the start of summer. Fingers crossed but obviously more to come soon!

The afternoon was spent doin' some fine lazy km's with D-Mac. We both had low intensity schedules that included a prolonged coffee stop and plenty of shit-talkin' to boot. It is still really hazed with smoke over the Nongs, and is a reminder of the fires still burning elsewhere in the state well over a week now since they started...come on rain!

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