Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


23 February 2009

Never Resting.

Nine times outta ten most Mondays means a day off the bike for me. But today and currently now there really hasn't been much relaxation or rest going on. As I type there is a large bushfire burning a little way at the bottom of the Nongs in the Birdlands/Belgrave/Upwey/Lysterfield area. Already there are some reports of two tankers damaged and some CFA members with minor burns. From years of mtbing I know this area like the back of my hand, spending hours of time pushing pedals around there. Heading off the mountain after our fire siren went off the pictures below tell the story of what was going on. With the winds changed the Nongs got clouded with smoke and light charcoaled debris fell where we were parked. Although we aren't in the direct line of threat we still have to remain on full alert with the unpredictable nature of fire and weather conditions. It sure does make you nervous when you hear all the surrounding towns in your area mentioned on the emergency radio station....back home and over n'

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