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24 February 2009

It's The Simple Things.

With my departure date now a week from tomorrow, it was time today to revisit a pre season tradition with D-Mac. Frankston has always been a place of high amusement for both of us, namely observing the random happenings that go on everywhere around us. And we've seen our fair share of events go down there that's for sure. So over the last few years we enjoy a last ride down there for a strong brew and something from the random 'specials' table at the Danish Bakery (that never disappoints), and wait for the show to begin. This year featured the seemingly 'impossible' parallel car park as driver after driver struggled to get their car in there. Big or small car it didn't matter. They came and they failed. We saw plenty of curb mounting, 8 degree turns and ton of dry wheel turns resulting in some overall very average efforts. Too funny.

Nice to train in leg warmers and jackets today for once too...and not worry about any out of control fire activity back home. Over N' Out.

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