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15 February 2009

The Wave Is Building.

Pinned on the oh so famous number of 52 for the Oceania Road titles yesterday. Falling at the end of a rest week after a solid January block of training I was looking forward too measuring the progress as the US season draws closer. After the first lap the legs were ready for a good day out, but the initial thoughts were that the pancake flat course, featuring 3 less than minute long climbs wouldn't be so suited to my strengths.
The Bro found the 1896 look/sepia function on the camera.
Even so I had a good day and tried my hand in a few breaks but when there is a strong teams presence it sometimes makes it difficult to gain an advantage. It was a sprint finish from a random break of 15 that got away mid race, and with Drapac satisfied with it's 2 rider representation up there, the rest of the 8 team members just controlled the bunch as they should. Plenty of guys got popped so I was happy to at least score a finish in the main bunch and record some nice numbers for the day. Thanks to BroTown for the bottle feeds and photography styling.

Unfortunately couldn't find the set of instructions on "How to make the winning break today".

Upon return I got the phone call I didn't want to get. Not since the events of the past week here in Victoria. There was a grass and scrub fire burning at Belgrave, and coming home along Burwood Hwy I could see the plumes of smoke already emitting from the base of the Nongs. Not good at all folks. Word was 22 tankers and 4 helicopters, and it wasn't until over 3hrs later the call came through of a down graded threat. Strangely enough it was the same area where a small fire occurred Friday night. You don't need to be a rocket surgeon to work it out, but something fishy is going on, especially when the conditions are significantly cooler than last week. So thankfully things got under control and we remain on full alert up here.

And on an end note I thought this was impressive...they still have it.

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