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18 January 2009

Tim Was Great.

Rogers that is. And the Temperance Union, his other band to You Am I. Country twinged rock with a smattering of ballads and a whole lotta swagger to boot, the show last night at the Zoo Gardens was great. I'd been a solid TR/YAI fan for sometime now, with YAI "Live at Wodonga Civic Centre" cicra 96' being one of the greatest listens I own. On cassette mind you, taped by the Green of JJJ so long ago. But this was my first time seeing Rogers live, and in full dark suit, scarf and a very nice sunburst Crockenbaker he was in rockin' good form. One this about Timmy is his stage presence. The man just has a real style and class about him combined a ramshackle, anything goes for some rockin good times existence. And there was plenty of windmil action. The man knows how to windmill. Classic crowd banter included a message for the kids; "Stay in school. Don't do drugs. And go for North Melbourne" and "C'mon quick lets play a song about gettin' drunk to mess up the kids", leading into a fine version of Krund. And several digs at the commercialism stardom these days of Kings Of Leon. The highlight for me was a big fat jam on Kalgoorlie, off the Dirty Ron record, then leading straight into a rockin version of Fiction. The Temperance Union are a great compliment to Tim out front. At 39, the man (and the band) is still in fine form. Easily one of Australia's best artists (in my humble opinion) even though he perhaps never fitted the mainstream music mould. He never wanted too either. Great show.

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green said...

Its all true, i was there!