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17 January 2009

The Three Hundredth Post.

Training has gone really great so far this week. The short little racing block of Bay Series/Nationals combined with a little rest has done some good things. I am really looking forward to the upcoming season that's for sure, and I haven't missed a day training this year. Plus I have made a few equipment changes of late which has suited me much better. A snazzy 2.5mth old white/blue Arione and connecting Fizik seat bag is now for sale so leave a comment if you are interested or shoot me an email. Speaking of comments, does anyone actually read this thing anymore, or has it got that boring in the off season!

So without a camera life on the blogging road has been a little dull I think. Might have to rectify that one soon and do some shopping. I'm sure there are still sales on somewhere.

Btw, the guy in the last post is Ryan Adams. He and The Cardinals play in Melbourne in only a couple of weeks. Should be some fun times. Speaking of gigs, off to see Timothy Adrian Rogers play at the zoo tmw night with the Green. One of the unsung heroes of the Australian music scene in terms of singer/songwriters. Over N'


Anonymous said...

keep the posts going

Chris Winn said...

ta. That's one!

Kat said...

keep 'em coming!

TheKillerAnt said...

winny - i read it always, its just ive been a bit selfish for not commenting lately ;( my bad
always a great read my man

Anonymous said...

Still reading. Timosaurus.