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19 January 2009

Mercury Rising.

Spare a thought for the guys and gals playing the Oz Open. Word was it got to 64deg court ground temperature yesterday. For bicycle practice it's been pretty ragged too, although confining efforts to the shade of the Nongs helped me get through a smattering of intervals today. Could be time to rock a sleeveless j out there I reckon. I can do that now on the road and not get hacked up by branches. TDU has started and 138,000 was the crowd count (how they do this I don't know..any ideas?) for the Cancer Classic Crit, largely because of the Big Tex in town. Awesome numbers, I mean the G' holds like 100,000 right! Hopefully the crowd stays big for the stage races this week. It's unreal just how big that race is growing each year and it is fantastic for cycling in Australia. Best call of the day comes from PM K-Rudd about Lance- "This guys got guts and that's why Australians like him". Lucky Ullrich isn't making a comeback racing down here....

Saw Chuck Norris today. That guys looks fit as a trout so watch out those racing the dirt champs this weekend. There's the Winny Insider Tip Of The Day for backing a winner. Over N'

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Kat said...

It's 60 degrees here, too!