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14 November 2008

Keeping Traditions Alive.

Pancake Saturday evolved sometime in the middle of this year. Perhaps inspired by Steve Nagelkeke's famous "Mancakes" that kept the team from going hunger flat before the Air Force race, the tradition evolved that every Sat morning Kat would cook up the breakfast of champions..being pancakes. Needless to say I covered the eating part of the program pretty well. Usually filled with some sort of fruit item, perhaps even walnuts and always garnished with genuine maple syrup and a side cup of java it doesn't get much better than that. Now be warned, using the "maple flavoured" syrup substitute would be the equivalent to washing your Ferrari with standard dishwashing liquid. It's just not on. Keep Canada's economy going and buy the real stuff folks. So I have tried to keep the tradition going here back in Oz and finally I cracked onto some top form with the spatula and pumped out 8 of the best this morning. Form has been sketchy of late so to nail a solid batch is a ripper way to start the day. Needless to say quality training followed shortly there questions why.

Lakewood got hit by snow last night. So did Kat's car.

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