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20 November 2008

Swings And Roundabouts.

One day plus one week before Kat arrives. She gets more photos on this site than anyone. That's okay with me. I think the more time we spend together the harder it is to be apart. It was September when I left the Colorado and it feels like a year ago. I figure the busier I can be this last week the sooner I will be driving to the airport. Hiking seems like a pretty good plan and is scheduled in for next week.

Got wet out there today. It was pretty fresh pedalling in the Nongs and it was no surprise not to see anyone else out and about on two wheels. Smart people. Didn't take any photos cause my hands were useless in big wet gloves so I'll use an old one to sum up the day.
I swear it was the foggiest it's ever been last night when I was driving home. I mean I know these roads like the back of my hand but still I was creeping and squinting hunched over the steering wheel. Might have to check with Rowney on the official Scottish Fog-O-Meter but it was up there for sure. 10m visibility maybe?

This guy needs to get off the phone and update his blog. What about those photos of us jumping the dead armadillos in Ar-kansas? That is blogging gold and they still haven't seen the world through the wide web..

Oh yeah..locked in racing for RMCEF/Westside again in 09'. Happy dayz there for sure. So much shuffling going on this time of year. Looks like Rock picked up a whole bunch of Toyota guys, Jittery's lost it's pro status and Bissell shuffled thier deck pretty hard. Team OUCH saved Health-Net and Orbea-Rubicon will go to the pro class in 09. Swings and roundabouts... Lator, cw.

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Kat said...

I wonder whatever happend to those sunglasses...maybe I'll find 'em on my next trip Down Under. See ya in a week!!!