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13 November 2008

Hit Predictions.

Rocked the trainer today after a nice bout of wet weather rolled into the Nongs and settled there, making things look and feel a lot like the middle of August. Gotta love a bit of fog and rain every now and then. I passed on the wet chamois after only an easy day on the cards. Plus I don't seem to mind riding the trainer/rollers, I know some people hate it with a passion but it really has never bothered me. Training wise I think this has been the best start to the new season ever. Doesn't mean things have been easy, but I feel light years ahead from where I was this time last year. Definately a good feeling.

Catching up with everyone's favourite Beijing Olympian D-Mac later today while he is in town for the Torq Team launch. I know last year he made a very worthy attempt on 'Movember' so we'll see if he has taken up the challenge this year.

Very dapper indeed!

I thought it was pretty funny to read this after my crystal ball gazing last week. XX for 2X10, what very clever marketing...give that man who came up with that a pay rise.

So currently I am 'back in school' working through to finish my Level One Coaching qualifications. For cycling that is, not to be confused with the AFL level one qualifications I have. Seriously. The seminars last weekend were lengthy at best (try 11hr days) but needed to be done and now its onto a ton of book work amongst a few other tasks before I get my certificate. Adding another string to the bow is always a good thing and you never know where it might lead to in the future....over n'

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