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12 October 2008

Weekend Random Ramblings...

Spent some time mtbing round the Nongs yesterday on a borrowed Supercoach special rig. Fun was had but after years spent on the same saddle model and having to switch it up I am walking a little John Wayne style today. Caught the tail end of the Worlds RR footage this morning on everybodys favourite independent and a little kooky late night viewing, non commercial television station that is the only one that shows regular cycling coverage. You know the one. Had already seen the footage of Ballan laying the smack down in the last 3kms but was still as impressive the second time around. The Italians definitely had their shit together for a home country rainbow race and they didn't choke. Hopefully something similar can happen here in 2010.

I miss a real burrito. Anyone who can recommend a decent burrito/Mexican eatery here in Oz (and not at Taco Bill) drop me a comment in the relevant would be greatly appreciated. Have craving, will travel.

Ryan Adams circa Whiskeytown is good stuff. Steve, if you read this the mix you made is still on high rotation and much appreciated. R.A new album with the Cardinals lands in a couple of weeks. Anticpation is high. And they are playing Denver in December. Supporting Oasis. I don't want to talk about it.

Over N'


Anonymous said...

Well out of your way but oh so good.

Chris Winn said...

Looks the goods...the Oz Chipotle..lucky Canberrians..thanks for the heads