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07 October 2008

Hop To It Soldier.

I guess being at home for two weeks now the shine has worn off. I am missing Kat like crazy. After 6mths of living together and being so close, to once again having her so many thousands of miles away it sucks. Yes there phone/emails/skype and well, thanks those wonders of modern technology, they do make life a little easier. But still it isn't the same. Still, we both agree we would have it like this than to never have met at all. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Work has kicked back into gear and I am enjoying having a job in the bike industry for the first time. Even if it is only temporary. Plus I couldn't be more happier to help out the people and company that have supported me greatly in the past, and a brand that I truly think do some great things. The change back to work has also seen the transition back training again in preparation for the 2009 campaign. I must admit I enjoy training. I enjoy just as much as I enjoy racing. And after spending by far the most amount of days of raced per year in 2008, it's been nice to shift the focus. And also try and shift the focus from reading stuff like this on cn.

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Kat said...

Left. Left. Left - Right - Left. Good job Soldier.