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16 October 2008

Call It What You Will.

This is blog post number 270. A lot of people try and gee me up to get a my-face, spacebook or a my bookspace. I think that is right? To be honest, after 270 posts and keeping this thing rolling with random adventures sure is enough for this little black duck to look after. I actually had a bit of a wander through some old archived posts the other day in search of a photo. The cool thing I realised, was that having this blog is a nice little way to record a bit of history in a nice little neat package. I mean my memory sucks pretty badly, so to have a little record of fun stuff that happened back in 06 till now was pretty rad. So thanks for reading. I never thought it would have got this far.

And so to this continues on at Yeti Cycles. It's pretty cool. I mean it's Yeti...I can't really think of too many other bike brands that just have such a rad history with so much of it involved with racing and building high quality products.

Cross racing has begun over the oceans to the northern hemispheres. Raby sent me some pics of his current foray into the world of cold temps, mud, skinny knobbies and hoofing it over planks of wood.

Looking good Shagger...left, right, left..

I must say I am a little jealous...especially sitting in a place filled with these bad day soon I hope.
On a final note for today, awesome job to Blood for winning the Sun Tour stage yesterday up Buller, congratulations to Joby and Ashley for tying the knot last weekend, and finally thanks to Bernard Kohl for is services to the sport of cycling. Wanker. Wish they brought the new 4 year ban rule in a little early...over n'


moose said...

couldn't agree more bout the blood thing, can you imagine how many more dopers suck shirts there are going to be now that everyone is going positive! later!

TheKillerAnt said...

winny - greetings :)
your blog has stood the test of time 4 sure and is always a good read, facebooks a bit over-rated if you ask me but i will say i have fond memories of myspace. remember that party in upwey i walked into at bucks's bucks night? some of those guys found me on myspace and we hung out again at the poo room (not a typo;) a few weeks later, was a real laugh!!
hopefully catch u around soon bud