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14 June 2008

A Whole Lot Of Not Much.

Been a fairly relaxing week I must say. Training has been very light after being feeling pretty smashed most days, although I did managed to sneak in a spew worthy motor pace session on Friday. Hopefully it's will bring me up for Tour de Nez next week which will be an absolute cracker with some big names on the start list.

The team van got redone this week and came up looking pretty snazzy. And that's about exciting as this post will get. Okay I'll admit my focus is distracted by the most awesome-st, rad-est show on the Discovery Channel being 'Man Vs. Wild' where this ex British soldier goes mucks around in extreme remote parts of the world and shows how to survive. Right now he is in the Moroccan desert and pretty much dissecting a camel apart to get water. Sounds wacky but it's pretty darn amazing what he does in order to survive and what he eats. Okay right now he is showing how the locals hide in the carcass if there is a freak sandstorm. Madd. Gotta do what you gotta do...and on that


Anonymous said...

read your blog at last
love the pics
from laptop mumma

T-Sauce said...

that show sounds off the chains........has been a mild winter up here, still kicking around with arm and knee warmers and a gillet but nothing like last year when it was freezing. Lovin the blog man.......stay safe ad enjoy.