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10 June 2008

More Exciting Than Boonen's Cocaine Positive.. Chipolte releasing a special 'Tour Edition' burrito for the month of July only. The "Le Burrito" as it will be dubbed, is a classic mix of chicken, lime rice, black beans, tomato salsa and guacamole. Contrary to the previous leaked information from sources, frogs legs or snails will not be ingredients. With one of these stores only 2.17min down the road from home, July will be a cracker of a month that's for sure.

In other news I took a 16th at the Boulder Hill Climb last weekend, not bad considering I had been smashing some big km's all week. Attacking the top of the dirt climb and into the descent seemed a good idea at the time, but not knowing the course kinda left me leg-less in the the last 3km. Some guy from Health-Net lit it up for the big W. Best thing about the day was clearly the free entry courtesy of Kat donning a very sharp looking volunteer's vest. Love those reflective colours.

And the last pic of today's post will go to my new prescription glasses courtesy of Smith and Sports Optical...nice, nice, nice....thanks guys..

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green said...

oh man they are some sweet sunnies, i mean spectacles. either way they are sharp. i know a guy with a certain white suit.....