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19 June 2008

Tour de Nez.

Damn. I was hoping to report a decent finish but once again it was snatched away from me. 15mins to go in the first stage crit and sitting top twenty it all went pear shaped. Strung out full gas on the back straight some clown clipped barriers and took himself down hard. Two wheels back the BMC rider I was following proceeded to plow straight into him with nowhere to go. I was next to add to the mess. Flying over the bars and through the air was not a fun experience, and probably the nastiest stack I have been involved in. From what happened the damage report for me looks pretty good. Two jacked up badly sprained wrists and a little bit of road rash was it. Super lucky to escape with no broken bones. Taylor Tolleson of BMC broke his collerbone and the California-Berry rider who created the mess left the scene with some nasty road rash and a big hole in his top tube. So life is pretty fun right now that I cant really open doors, hold stuff..yeah yeah yeah suck it up.

This morning was stage two, and uphill TT. My wrists hurt like hell to hold the bars and shift/brake but the legs seemed okay. Another crit tonight will be the real test. Hopefully I can hang in there and ride out the week...lators..winston.


green said...

yo, good job getting back on, not a bad result in the tt too. just remind me again what jacked up is, but i must admit that you are looking a little pete wentz again in that photo and the bandaged wrists aren't helping your 'i'm not in an emo band' campaign. later roy

Anonymous said...

Yeah tough as nails for continuing to race winny, keep it going!!!
Joel h