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08 April 2008

Small Scale Adventures.

Today I ventured out on my Pat Malone back to Lookout Mountain. This time on two wheels, more specifically Kat's Redline flat-bar road bike, pretty sweet little bike considering she got it for free and has kept my legs turning before my rig gets finished. Lookout Mtn sure is one sweet climb. Not super long at 4.3miles (just under 7kn) but the scenery as you head up is unreal. I guess I covered that in my last post, but riding it was even more awesome compared to sitting in the car. Despite the light snow yesterday, the weather today was blue skies and sunny...but cold...damn cold! Word is another few weeks and the temps will climb, so coming from the Aussie summer I'm definitely looking forward to that! Although from what I hear bout some crazy wind storms in the Nong's the week I left perhaps I got out just in time.

At the base of Lookout is the town of Golden, and I guess most famous in my book for being the town where Yeti Cycles are made. Didn't quite have the navigational devices to locate the factory but, well, tmw's another day living here in Colorado.....

Here's a shot I found of Danielson smackin' Lookout- 16.02 is the official record which is pretty darn slick I reckon, averaging around 25km/h!

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Mak said...

OK Winnie I will sell my organs to get a case of the New Belgium Fat Tire......hook me up!!!!