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09 April 2008

Red Rocking.

Ventured down to Morrison today on another mission to build the book of training loops. Pretty cool little town at the foothills, and the roads just go up from there...but not too far out is this place, is Red Rocks. Complete with this sweet outdoor amphitheatre...just amazing. And so to is the list of bands playing there this summer: REM, The Police, The Cure, Elvis Costello, Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters and Jack Johnson! But more importantly PJ have announced a short east coast tour...lets hope like hell they look after us mid west coasters too (and they're bringing the Kings along too)...fingers crossed people.

Check out how big the stage/seating is compared to that guy!

Definitely kept my eyes open for these fellas but was lucky not to come across them!
Forecast is for a mighty snow dump over night..could mean Kat could stay home from work and plus we get to head to the shop early and pick up my race's hopin'.

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Gunsle said...

Hey Windy, I've written a post for you on our blog about some fires in the 'Nongs', check it out brutha.