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07 April 2008

The Before And After Edition

I just glanced at the clock on my computer..2.16am..still in Melbourne time. Better change that one as that's not so great for the head! It has been one hell of a week. As I expected it to be really. Jet-lag, timezone changes, adjusting to altitude (Denver is already a mile above sea level) and the big move. So Kat has left her one bedroom apartment and now we are living in a house out in Lakewood...which basically means a little further out of the city and closer to the mountains...awesome for training. So needless to say the days have been long and filled with the joy of packing / unpacking boxes. I'm pretty cracked with cardboard boxes that's for sure. I think we are pretty much there now and the house has taken shape really quickly. My primary job was to organise the garage and find a spot to put the 5 bikes that Kat owns - not including the sweet limited edition "New Belgium Beer" Felt cruiser she won a few years blue too...nice.

Speaking of bikes I got poked and prodded a coupla days ago for a professional bike positioning before my new team Giant is built. It was pretty awesome with a full video camera setup and a computrainer that measured power and pedalling efficiency through a computer. Basically we did a bunch of efforts and fiddled around with position till I got the optimum power output. Very worthwhile when you equate things by actually numbers, not just how "good it feels". We made some pretty significant changes I am pretty excited about this new position and hanging to get my bike in the next coupla days. Who woulda thought I'd ride a 130mm stem...but the numbers dont lie kids!

Yesterday was action packed. With a nice and sunny but chilly 13deg day Kat and I worked on building a new outdoor table and chairs plus the big one...a new BBQ grill! Definitely going to be getting some use outta this bad boy! That afternoon we also checked out a local circuit race that was going on and a few of the MOB guys were racing in. Finding it tough to just sit there and watch was a good sign that I am super motivated to start racing. That will happen this weekend with the plan hit up a local crit in Golden to open the account.

"Peeps" are these little marshmallow chickens that are randomly placed around Kat's office by staff..and the subject of high amusement when microwaved to oblivion...
On a side note Chuck Norris has a new website so go check that one out..those lads are killing it already with D-Mac taking a 3rd and Chuck a 16th in last weekends Swisspower...nice one fellas! And Vandy managed to have an off and break both carbon brake levers which is equally impressive in my book.
I'd have purple flames painted on my Nissan Pulsar too if I had one..

Colorado is one amazing place. Here we are up Lookout Mtn (a sweet 4.5mile climb that TD has the record) looking east towards Denver City...flat as a tack. But to the east behind us is the mega Rocky Mtns...unreal.

The Coors brewery from Lookout Mtn...this ones for you bro!

Two drawers full of it should be

Other than that I look outside the window as I type and I see this...snow time! Lator, cw.

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