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10 December 2007

Seeing Stars.

Far out I think I suffered through the worst amount of pain I have ever known today. Im trying to think of a comparable pain factor, perhaps a gruelling hot Canberra point to point in the Tour de Dirt a few years back, or maybe the famous turrets syndrome road ride on the mates before dates tour 06' that left me one step away from a straight jacket. Hmm still doesn't match up. Today was physio session number two and I got worked. Big time. Lying there sweating in agony as what feels like golf balls in my legs getting broke down at the expense of all other muscle tissue was not an enjoyable experience. Okay I know in the long run it will be the goods but holy smoke I got hammered to the mega.

Luckily I had this little bad boy waiting for me in the mail when I got back - must say it's pretty darn good to get Velonews in regular time rather than be two issues behind from the oz newsagents. All thanks to one thoughtful Colorado girl...thanks babe. Isn't she just the greatest folks?

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