Chris Winn: Ramblings From The Road


05 December 2007

Goodness In A Can.

Four days in a row of lunch consisting of tuna rolls. Life is good....very good. The sun has been shining and I finally feel like a bike rider again after getting absolutely pummeled on the physio table last week to get me straight again. Who woulda thought that such intense pain would yield some good results. Usually the way it works I suppose... Copped my first decent burn for summer today and marked a very welcome return to bi-colour arms and legs. Lucky my girl is a bike rider and understands the intricacies of spending many an hour in the sun wearing the same fitting clothing leading to a cadbury top deck look that we all aspire to..okay well maybe not.

Check out my scar now..pretty sweet and easily the best one I've had so far. Maybe could have been stitched but I think that would have taken the sweet lumpy section in the middle away...or maybe that's still a piece of gravel? I'll let you ponder that for the day...I'm off to ride my bike (far, far away from bmx tracks)...later, cw.


Kat said...

This girl who loves you in spite if your tuna breath, tan lines, and gnarly scars must be pretty cool!

Chris Winn said...

Ah she's okay i guess..:)