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13 December 2007

Watch Your Back..Front and Side

Yesterday's training ride was a disgrace. I have never copped so much abuse out riding my bike ever. Its crazy to think a decent proportion of my success next season largely depends on the abilities others. I can stick to the far left of the road and hold straight but that's it, and the concept of depending on others scares the hell outta me after the display of ignorance and terrible driving skills seen yesterday. In other words its whether I return from training alive and in one piece is something that is to an extent outta my control. All it takes in some asshole's poor skills or frustration from a bad day or being under the influence while behind the wheel. What chance does a bike rider have on a 7kg machine versus someone behind the wheel of a 2 ton vehicle, that ultimately can be used as a weapon. And I've seen it happen.

I am talking about ignorant road users with no respect for others. Ignorant to the road rules and in the fact that riding two abreast is legal and a safer way for us to travel and why we do the majority of the time. Why? Because cars take far riskier passing maneuvers when we are close to the gutter creating more danger for us, squeezing us off the road, into the gutters and in instances I have been hit by side mirrors. Riding two abreast forces the driver to slow down, take notice and wait for a safer passing maneuver, in most cases allowing more room. The current signs up on the 1:20 put us at a dangerous disadvantage. Ignorant drivers take the signage of "cyclists single file" as the legal rule for everywhere and we cope the consequences of riding up there either way. What about another sign - "Drivers pass cyclists with care" or "Watch for cyclists"? We don't have anymore rights than drivers do, nor do they of us. But the consequences are far worse for a cyclist.

For those ignorant pricks like the two wankers yesterday.. I believe dot point ten is what you are looking for..

I don't want to end up in the hospital tmw. lator, cw.


Ash Thomas said...

hang it up till jan 2...

Chris Winn said...

yeah its a bit like that isn't it..the silly season.thinking about professional kite flying..