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02 December 2007

Go Back...Way Back..

Went and saw "Into The Wild" last night..intense..super intense but very good at the same time. In fact i'm calling it the best I've seen for a very long time...yep. For those of you who haven't heard of it (it's not playing at all mainstream cinemas) it follows the true story of Chris McCandless who turns his back on society for a life of living off the land eventually finding his way to the Alaskan wilderness where he perishes. Hey i didn't kill the ending don't worry, it's not a action movie with a twist at the end or the like, its more a film with a message and reflection on a journey and some pretty different lifestyle choices.

Speaking of wild the rain was off trolley today up here leaving half the roads washed out...damn. Good thing it was planned ergo time today otherwise I'd be coming back with rain drop dints in my helmet it was that hard.

Time to go for these bad boys...if anyone is interested in reducing my garage space and filling theirs with one of these items (or maybe both?) shoot me an line...(email addy in profile)


Ash Thomas said...

spring cleaning is getting outa control up in the hills..!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mate.

My be interested in the xtc ss..

$$$ please.


Ash Thomas said...

caught that movie too, makes for damm good watching, and gives you something to think about as you wander away.