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03 May 2007

Higher Ground....

Hit up the San Bernadino National Park yesterday on the way towards Big Bear and was absolutely blown away by the trail riding up was unreal. Was joined by Miller and Heather his Kenda/Titus teammate, alongside Jamis pro Alan Obye. After a long fireroad climb for almost an hour we made it to a tiny little mountain town of Angeles Oaks and on local recommendation hit up Santa Anna River trail. Holy smoke this thing was incredible, from tight forest singletrack sections it totally opened up traversing across the mountain ridgeline..Man we were waaay up there too, and it was a delicate balance between checking out the view and concentrating on not overshooting any corners into nothingness!

It was just one hell of a time riding in these massive mountains...makes the nongs look like a dirt jump. That's the other thing out here too..we had a little moment of being not completely sure where we were and with the sun going down it could have been a little interesting...these places are so big that you gotta be prepared and organised otherwise your camping in your chamois...and they don't call it Big Bear for nothing.

Gonna be checking out the Fontana course this arvo so stay tuned for that one. Loving this high speed free net still, finally caught up to the whole You Tube revolution... just wide eyed seeing vids of Pearl Jam back in Melbourne 95' or dialing up Kings of Leon at the BDO...rad..Oh yeah and getting a current copy of Velonews is pretty damn sweet here too!

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Joy said...

Glad you guys made it into our secret riding place!! I live about 4 minutes from the trail head, and it is always great to share it with other racers!! Lucky you didn't actually SEE any creatures...they are there!!