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03 May 2007

The Beach With No Water..

Well here we are in downtown Fontucky..interesting place, interesting people and one interesting cycling course. So the race set up is pretty cool, like right in the town park sortta thing, ie over the road is housing estates. And that's the thing bout the town, once you leave the concrete jungle estates behind the rest is full on desert wasteland and pretty much where the xc track goes. A longish loop at just over 30mins for a tempo lap and boy is she dusty and sandy. All open, all exposed hard pack trail with loose dust over the top..pretty cool we thought..then there are the sections of pretty much riding through least there are alternate graffittied up aquaducts as alternatives. Kinda a weird place for a bike race out here, on the track you come across like rubbish dumps or concrete sections, including a paved climb. Nonetheless it will be cool as shit, and is already a much bigger setup here than Santa Ynez with heaps more pro teams trailers about. Oh yeah, apparently the STXC course features some of the 4x track...nice. Anyways, I'll just let the pics do the talking for the


Anonymous said...

awesome photo's. Looks like one big dust bowl. Bet you had plenty of dirt in the cogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Auntie J.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting course!

Cement climb... how bazar.

30 minute lap in NO shade, sounds like a killa. I spose your no stranger to abit a PAIN though.

Ride ON