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01 May 2007

Moving Target...

Today has been a travel day down to Redlands, thankfully so cause I'm feeling pretty fried from the weekends race and the whole process starting to catch up with me I think. Actually pretty cool where we are now tapping into the wireless internet straight from the RV (remember im from the Nongs so doing this is novelty plus). Most likely gonna head up to Big Bear tmw with Miller and his Titus/Kenda crew to show us some trails which will be rad. From all accounts this Fontana race this weekend (dubbed the "Urban Assult") is gonna be pretty wacky..can't wait to be pinning it through ghetto's and the like...!

Green plays Where's Wally..kinda sucked when I was sitting right beside him...

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Anonymous said...

Surprised to see you in that water.........didn't think you could swim! Enjoy Big Bear and just make sure you put some 22's on you bike for the folk in the ghetto.

Cheers Coops